Bespoke interiorscapes for corporate and residential applications

Established in 2015, Uniflora specialises in the supply and delivery of high-quality interiorscape elements for residences, corporate offices and F&B outlets. Its range of products include indoor and outdoor natural plants, artificial plants, pots and planters, floristry, and accessories that can optimise the healthy growth of plants like growlights that simulate sunshine for indoor plants.

Uniflora has also mastered the art of green-walls or vertical gardens, a stunning space-saving landscaping and interiorscape trend that has acquired increasing popularity on an exponential scale in the past decade. Unilfora is qualified and participates in the design, installation and maintenance of green-walls for outdoor and indoor applications, including the patented indoor and outdoor living green-walls manufactured by Biotecture, UK. Other types of customised green-walls offered by Uniflora are artificial green-walls, preserved green-walls and moss walls available for indoor and outdoor applications.

One of Uniflora’s key services includes advising interested clients on the best design and placement of pots and planters in their home-space or workplace and selecting suitable plants for them. After an on-site assessment of the location, professional architects design the interiorscape that is tailored to the client’s requirements. Uniflora then supplies and installs the arranged interiorscape elements, thereby taking care of the design, supply and installation process from start to finish.

Uniflora also employs a highly-skilled professional team to carry out stress-free maintenance services for plants that will help clients keep their indoor and outdoor spaces thriving.

Uniflora additionally specialises in designing and providing bespoke flower arrangements for special occasions and corporate events such as weddings, anniversaries, trade-shows, conferences and seminars. It also offers flower subscription services of exquisite cut-flower arrangements that are freshly delivered on a weekly basis.

There is a growing appreciation and interest in uplifting indoor spaces where interiorscape is one of the main elements offices and home-owners are looking to develop. Uniflora offers solutions for all interiorscape requirements from design, supply, installation and maintenance. For details, visit





Writer. Live in Dubai.

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Tarek Alber

Tarek Alber

Writer. Live in Dubai.

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